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Vulpes Consultants consists of various specialists, registered at the HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa). We assist in providing objective and accurate reporting, utilising a standarised process, approach, and methodology, in a timeously fashion.

We recognise that our services contribute to the lives of your clients, by determining their physical-, psychological-, and cognitive abilities, and how these elements influences their employability, and earning capacity.

Considering your client’s incident, effects, and sequelae thereof, our reports provide a thorough indication regarding your client’s past loss of income, as well as their likely loss of future earnings.


Our services include:

  • RAF (Road Accident Fund) claims;
  • Medical Negligence claims;
  • Personal Injury claims;
  • Wrongful Arrest claims;
  • Loss of Support claims; and
  • Insurance claims (including RMA and WCA).

We understand the hassles of scheduling numerous appointments, and securing suitable consultation dates with various experts, considering client availability.

With our approach, you can thus schedule your client for one appointment, at the same venue and obtain various specialist reports.

Therefore, you will:

  • Avoid unnecessary administration;
  • Reduce costs; and
  • Receive reports in a timeously fashion.

Our Process

  • Receive an instruction from the relevant Attorney (i.e., Consultation with Industrial Psychologist and/or Occupational Therapist);
  • Schedule an appointment suitable for the client (date, time, and venue);
  • The completion of an in-depth biographical questionnaire;
  • Conducting a collateral interview;
  • Behavioural observation during the consultation;
  • Conducting applicable and HPCSA registered psychometric assessments;
  • Conducting applicable physical assessments;
  • Collecting supporting collateral information (bank statements, payslips, qualifications etc.);
  • Integrate other relevant expert / specialist opinions;
  • Contact previous / current employers for additional opinions;
  • Predicting various appropriate scenarios;
  • Provide a recommendation and conclusion;
  • Refer client to other relevant experts / specialists contributing to the case;
  • Preparing joint minutes with counterpart;
  • Drafting additional addendums should it be necessary; and
  • Testify in court.


RAF Process and Procedures:

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